Climate Change

Congressman Kennedy believes climate change is not a threat tomorrow, but a crisis yesterday. A supporter of the Green New Deal, he supports aggressive Congressional action to protect our health, environment, safety and economic stability. He has prioritized the development of a clean energy workforce as well as combatting the impact of climate change on working and middle-class communities that bear the brunt of inaction.

As a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Kennedy has pushed to re-enter the Paris Agreement and fought against the Trump Administration’s efforts to further weaken environmental regulations that protect our clean air, water and land. He supports maintaining the Clean Power Plan’s protections and codifying the rules that have guided our nation’s efforts to limit and aggressively reduce harmful emissions.

He has championed a clean energy future, focusing on off-shore wind development in Massachusetts and across the country. Kennedy supports aggressive federal investment in renewable energy sources to develop these critical resources in a cost-effective way for consumers. He is an advocate for the Blue Economy in the 4th District and across Southeastern New England, seeing wind energy, fisheries, and marine sciences as a critical opportunity for the region’s future economic growth.

Additionally, Kennedy has fought to reform New England’s antiquated energy markets, which continue to cost our consumers, environment and local economy. He has led the local delegation and other Members of Congress in urging dramatic reform from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and ISO-New England.