Foreign Affairs

Congressman Kennedy believes in a foreign policy that centers on democracy, security, climate and human rights.

He has supported taking a tough stand against our adversaries, spearheading legislation to hold Iran accountable for terrorist activity and ballistic missile use. He is the author of a proposal to create a Foreign Threat Response Center, aimed at preventing interference in our democracy by Russia and other enemies, which passed the House of Representatives this year.

He has also prioritized strong alliances, particularly our critical relationship with Israel. In 2013 his bipartisan legislation to honor Israeli President Shimon Peres with the Congressional Gold Medal was signed into law, in recognition of the friendship deeply embedded between our two countries.

As a former Peace Corps volunteer in Latin America, Kennedy is a strong supporter of diplomacy, international aid and service abroad. His Peace Corps Commemoration Act was signed into law during his first term, and he has supported efforts to expand and strengthen the scope of the United States’ humanitarian efforts overseas.

Finally, he is a vocal advocate for combatting climate change across the globe, supporting efforts to re-enter the Paris Climate Agreement and dramatically reduce our country’s carbon footprint.

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