Health Care

Congressman Kennedy believes health care is a fundamental right and there is no more unifying human need than the ability to take care of our loved ones when they are sick and suffering.

He applauds the undeniable strides made by the Affordable Care Act to bring health coverage to tens of millions of Americans and guarantee coverage for pre-existing conditions, mental health, maternal care and other essential health benefits. He believes we must continue on the path of transformative reform to ensure no American is priced out of life-saving care. To that end, he supports Medicare for All and the transition to a system that ends the devastating inequities that persist in American health care today.

Kennedy helped lead Congressional efforts to block the Trump Administration’s repeal of the ACA, taking the GOP to task over ‘an act of mercy.’ Since then, he has worked to block this Administration’s countless proposals to take health care away from millions of American families. He has fought their efforts to impose onerous work requirements on coverage, gut Medicaid, reduce prescription drug discounts for rural and under-served hospitals and deny coverage to those with pre-existing conditions. Kennedy has spearheaded proposals to expand Medicaid coverage, close a drug pricing loophole exploited by pharmaceutical companies, make hearing aids available over the counter and give every bill that passes the House of Representatives a ‘health care score’ that measures the potential loss of health coverage associated with any legislation.

In particular, Kennedy has established himself as a national leader on mental health and substance use disorders. He has led legislation to strengthen mental health parity, expand mental health coverage for children and pregnant women, increase Medicaid reimbursement rates for behavioral health providers, protect mental health care for kids in Medicaid, ensure equity in addiction treatment and strengthen prescription drug monitoring. He has urged federal authorities to review the impact of insurance mergers on mental health care and pushed his Congressional colleagues to expand the scope of their mental health reform efforts. In Massachusetts, he worked with the local community to establish Bristol County as a High Intensity Drug Trafficking area, securing critical federal resources to help combat the opioid epidemic.

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