Congressman Kennedy believes that immigration is an affirmation of our nation’s success, not a threat to it. He is proud of his own family’s immigrant past and supports efforts to reform our immigration system so that it is fair, just and humane.

Kennedy believes that system should be built on the following pillars: a pathway to citizenship for those in this country, ironclad protections for Dreamers and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) beneficiaries, compassionate treatment of refugees and asylum seekers, deep reform of our immigration enforcement agencies and their abusive practices, alternatives to detention, equitable access to work visas and strategic investments in legal assistance, humanitarian aid and border security, where needed. He supports decriminalizing migration and believes that the focus of American immigration enforcement should be on those with serious criminal records. To that end, he has vocally opposed the Secure Communities program and other partnerships deputizing local law enforcement to carry out immigration priorities that erode the necessary trust between immigrant families and local law enforcement.

Kennedy has been active in the Trump Administration’s immigration crisis, visiting border facilities several times, as well as shelters housing migrant children. He has co-sponsored legislation to end family separation, deliver humanitarian funding to the border, increase funding for immigration courts and legal assistance, expand alternatives to detention and help alleviate the root causes of migration in Central America. He has demanded answers from federal authorities on the deportation of sponsors for migrant children, the dire medical conditions for infants and children at detention facilities, and the deaths of transgender migrants in ICE custody.

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