Military and Veterans

Congressman Kennedy believes all servicemembers deserve the country’s full support when on active duty and upon returning home.

He has vocally advocated for Congress to debate a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force if we are to continue our military efforts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. As thousands die as a result of the ongoing Yemeni civil war, and millions more face famine and starvation, he has led efforts in the House of Representatives to end American support for a Saudi-led coalition exacerbating the humanitarian crisis.  He believes the battlefield has extended far beyond its original scope and Congress has a solemn responsibility to give our military personnel a clear mission and plan for success.

Kennedy has supported efforts to keep our troops protected and safe in the field, from investing in the latest battlefield technology (including those built right here in the Fourth District), to taking claims of sexual assault in the military community seriously to ensuring transgender service members are empowered to serve with dignity. He believes that access to health care, including mental health care, education and the best training and equipment should be guaranteed to any man or woman who bravely dons a uniform.

As servicemembers return home as civilians, Kennedy supports robust veterans’ services and has worked to reduce backlogs at the Department of Veterans Affairs, expand health care options for veterans and support civilian job training and certification. Strongly committed to military families, he introduced the bipartisan Military Surviving Spouses Act, which remedies inequities in survivor benefits, and cosponsored the Military and Veteran Caregiver Services Improvement Act.

Locally, Kennedy created the 4th District Veterans History Project (VHP) for the Library of Congress which works to preserve the stories of local veterans for generations to come. To learn more about this project, or to submit your story, please click here. You can also watch Congressman Kennedy's interview with World War II Navy Veteran Arnold Marcus here. 

For a full list of our recommended resources for veterans please click here.