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Congressman Joe Kennedy working for Massachusetts constituents


Feb 27, 2017
Press Release
Introduces Resolution to Force Debate as Patients, Hospitals & Entire US Health Care System Grapples with Crippling Uncertainty

Washington, DC – Responding to months of uncertainty and repeated allegations of a potential Republican replacement for the Affordable Care Act, Congressman Joe Kennedy III today introduced a Resolution of Inquiry directing the Secretary of Health and Human Services to release all information related to the Trump Administration’s health care repeal plan. 
A Resolution of Inquiry must be considered by the relevant House Committee in 14 legislative days or it can be brought to the full House for a vote. Kennedy's resolution will likely be referred to the House Energy & Commerce Committee, where he sits. 
“For months, President Trump and the GOP-led Congress have left patients, hospitals, behavioral health providers, and local economies in crippling uncertainty," said Kennedy. "While Republicans focus on political consequences, American families are facing personal ones – providers forced to curb access to care, insurers unable to commit to long-term benefits, and patients facing everything from cancer to addiction without the guarantee that they'll be able to afford the treatment they need."
"Instead of shadow policy-making built on rumors and leaks, this Resolution will force Congress and the Trump Administration to have the honest, open ACA debate that the American public deserves. As has been the case for nearly a decade, Democrats are sitting at the table, prepared to work together to strengthen the ACA, expand mental health reform, lower premiums, and rein in prescription drug prices."
Currently serving his third term, Congressman Kennedy is a member of the House Energy & Commerce Committee which shares jurisdiction over health care reform. He has been an outspoken opponent of repeal efforts, with a particular focus on mental health care and Medicaid.
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February 25, 2017
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