June 11, 2019


Takes to the House Floor to renew calls for a modern, moral economic system

Washington, D.C. – In a speech in the House of Representatives this morning, Congressman Joe Kennedy III raised concerns about the fragility of the economic recovery and the metrics used to measure economic success. Continuing his call for moral capitalism, Kennedy referenced the cost of basic necessities like child care, education and health care outpacing wage growth for working families.

“Just over a decade after hitting rock bottom, our economy is still sick for one simple reason: We haven’t correctly diagnosed the cause of our illness. We’re comforted by the improvement of external symptoms like stock prices and unemployment rates. Meanwhile, our economy’s heart is in dire straits. Small businesses are shuttered, factories are fleeing, family farms are closing and once prosperous American towns are barely scraping by. To blame for this chronic illness is a system that has whittled away protection, opportunity, justice and dignity for the American worker…

“A moral capitalism would put quality on the same pedestal as quantity. It wouldn’t just ask for integrity and decency from the public and private actors running our economic show – it would demand it, with laws that work in tandem to guarantee that when our kids get sick, we can take care of them. When our roof falls, we can afford repair. When our stomachs ache, we can fill them, and when we tire – we can rest. That shouldn’t be too much for anyone to ask.”

To watch Congressman Kennedy’s full speech, please click here.

On Monday, Congressman Kennedy continued his call for moral capitalism at the Massachusetts High Technology Council’s annual meeting. To read his full speech, please click here.


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June 11, 2019 

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