April 26, 2018


Speaks on House Floor about proposed factory closing

Washington, D.C. – Days after Philips Lighting announced the layoff of nearly 200 Fall River workers, Congressman Joe Kennedy III criticized the company for using the GOP tax bill to reward international investors and shutter American factories.

“After celebrating $342 million in profits last year, Philips Lighting announced that they would be closing their Fall River factory and moving to Mexico,” Kennedy said. “Almost 200 loyal, lifelong employees left behind. Careers upended. Savings lost. Mortgages, health care bills, tuition payments missed.
“For the 61 year old worker nearing retirement, paying off his daughter’s student loans, a meager investment in job retraining isn’t worth much. For the countless workers who will sit around dining room tables in Southeastern Massachusetts tonight and figure out how their family budget can absorb impossible cuts, lip service from the White House means nothing. Meanwhile, Philips Lighting shareholders are being showered with $187.4 million in stock buybacks thanks to Donald Trump’s tax plan. Make no mistake, that’s the legacy of the GOP tax bill.”
Kennedy continued: “Fall River is a unique city. But across the country countless other families and communities find themselves in the same impossible place: as economic afterthoughts in a Republican economy increasingly tilted only towards those with power and privilege and a government that refuses to hear their voices.”

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April 26, 2018
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