January 30, 2020


Washington, D.C. – After voting to repeal the 2002 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), Congressman Joe Kennedy III renewed his calls for the additional, immediate repeal of the 2001 AUMF. Earlier this month, Kennedy wrote a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi urging her to bring forward repeals of both outdated AUMFs and force Congressional debate regarding expanding military operations in the Middle East and around the world.

“For nearly two decades, Congress has abdicated its sacred, Constitutional responsibility to determine matters of war and peace. By repealing the 2002 AUMF today, we are beginning to force a long-overdue reckoning with the mistakes of our past, but it will not be enough until we repeal the 2001 AUMF that has been used to launch operations in more than a dozen countries. Although our current, reckless Commander in Chief led our nation to the threshold of war just weeks ago, he is not the first executive to misuse these authorizations to justify dangerous mission creep across the Middle East. Our nation’s brave servicemembers deserve a clear, coherent mission as they put their lives on the line for our safety.”

Congressman Kennedy has been a strong voice in favor of debate and repeal of these outdated AUMFs. He has consistently voted against the annual defense budget, under both Democratic and Republican Administrations, because of a lack of cohesive strategy for military engagement in current theaters of conflict.


For Immediate Release:
January 30, 2020

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