Congressman Joe Kennedy

Representing the 4th District of Massachusetts


Congressman Joe Kennedy working for Massachusetts constituents

On the Issues

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Budget, Debt and Deficit

Our federal budget, with its recurring deficits and accumulating debt, is one of the most important issues we face today. American businesses and families work hard to spend wisely, to plan for the future, and to invest in a more promising tomorrow. I believe American government should abide by the same principles without creating manufactured political crises that threaten the American economy.
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Education is the cornerstone of our country’s fundamental promise that no matter who we are or where we come from, we all deserve the chance to make the most of our talent and hard work. We must ensure every American child receives an education that delivers the skills our complex economy demands.
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Energy and Commerce

From health care to energy costs to telecommunications and consumer protection, the issues before the House Energy & Commerce Committee have a profound impact on the everyday lives of families in the 4th District and around the country. In Massachusetts in particular, this Committee oversees the key drivers of our growing innovation economy.


From equal pay for equal work to the right to have a voice in our democracy and marry whom we love, I believe this country was built on the promise of fundamental fairness.  All Americans deserve to be treated fairly by their colleagues, community, and government.

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs

From ISIS to Russia to Iran, the United States is facing the most complex foreign policy landscape since World War II. Globalization has brought the impact of entrenched regional and ideological conflicts to our shores more quickly than ever before. At the same time, technological advancements have brought new hope to persistent and universal problems, from hunger and disease to poverty and human rights. We must navigate growing interconnection and interdependence as we shape U.S. foreign policy. This reality presents challenges and opportunities that will define our place in the world for generations to come.
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Health Care

Access to quality healthcare is a right that belongs to every American. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) achieved a historic milestone when it turned this principle into law, extending high quality coverage to millions of Americans who previously had no coveage at all. Since its enactment in 2010, the ACA has made significant changes to America’s health care system including comprehensive insurance reforms that prevent unfair practices and the creation of state-based health insurance exchanges and tax credits for small business. The ACA has also helped to slow down the skyrocketing cost of health care in this country. In fact, the growth of national health care expenditures is at its lowest rate in over 50 years. I will continue to support efforts that slow health care spending without compromising quality, accessible, and efficient health care.
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Jobs and the Economy

From scientific research to small business, the economy of Massachusetts’s Fourth District has a rich history of entrepreneurship and innovation.  Policymakers should protect this legacy and foster the next chapter of growth.

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Local Issues

Being accessible to my constituents and fighting for their priorities in Washington is my first priority in Congress. Since taking office, I have worked hard to be as accessible as possible to the people I represent, through frequent office hours across the district, top-notch casework service and a steady schedule of local events.
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Military and Veterans

Our men and women in uniform promise, each and every day, to protect our nation whatever the cost. They deserve our support from their first day of service on through the rest of their lives. While serving on active duty, our troops must have access to the best training, equipment, healthcare, and education. In this era of tough fiscal choices, Congress needs to work with the Department of Defense to identify and eliminate wasteful military spending without compromising the quality of training and services available to military personnel.
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Science and Technology

Science and technology lie at the heart of the innovation economy and have always been central to the vibrancy of the 4th District. I am honored to serve on both the Space and Energy Subcommittees of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee. With 40 percent of Massachusetts employment tied to innovation industries like health care, biotechnology, advanced manufacturing, and information technology, the work of the Committee has a direct impact on job creation and economic growth in our district.
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After running businesses, raising families, and becoming anchors in our communities, seniors have contributed much to the fabric of our society. Each generation of Americans drives continued growth and progress, and we must honor all that our seniors have done for us by protecting the benefits they have earned.