• Education

    Congressman Kennedy believes education is the foundation of economic equity. He supports strong public schools, universal pre-K, vocational-technical education, robust civil rights protections in the classroom and expansive student debt relief.

  • Racial justice

    From police brutality and health care inequities to addressing the racial wealth gap and ending disparities in maternal mortality rates, Congressman Kennedy has supported expansive efforts to dismantle structural, systemic racism and white supremacy. 

  • Civil Rights

    Congressman Kennedy believes government has no greater responsibility than to keep the fundamental promise that every American – and human being – is created equal.

  • Foreign Affairs

    Congressman Kennedy believes in a foreign policy that centers on democracy, security, climate and human rights.

  • Health Care

    Congressman Kennedy believes health care is a fundamental right and there is no more unifying human need than the ability to take care of our loved ones when they are sick and suffering.

  • Economy

    Congressman Kennedy has called ‘the mounting injustice of our modern economy’ the defining issue of our time. Coining the term ‘moral capitalism,’ Kennedy has forcefully argued for broad economic reform that moves power away from corporations and back toward workers and their families.

  • Local Issues

    Being accessible to my constituents and fighting for their priorities in Washington is my first priority in Congress. Since taking office, I have worked hard to be as accessible as possible to the people I represent, through frequent office hours across the district, top-notch casework service and a steady schedule of local events.

  • Military and Veterans

    Congressman Kennedy believes all servicemembers deserve the country’s full support when on active duty and upon returning home.

  • Seniors

    Congressman Kennedy believes we must honor the commitment this country has made to its seniors. Social Security and Medicare are not just the cornerstones of that commitment, they exist because seniors contributed to them throughout decades spent in the workforce. 

  • Climate Change

    Congressman Kennedy believes climate change is not a threat tomorrow, but a crisis yesterday. A supporter of the Green New Deal, he supports aggressive Congressional action to protect our health, environment, safety and economic stability. He has prioritized the development of a clean energy workforce as well as combatting the impact of climate change on working and middle-class communities that bear the brunt of inaction.

  • Immigration

    Congressman Kennedy believes that immigration is an affirmation of our nation’s success, not a threat to it. He is proud of his own family’s immigrant past and supports efforts to reform our immigration system so that it is fair, just and humane.

  • Gun violence

    As bullets tear through our communities and guns force a generation of students to learn how to apply tourniquets on classmates, Congressman Kennedy believes that this country must stop the epidemic of gun violence. Motives change, shooters change, victims change, but the weapon of choice remains the same: a gun.